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What do we offer ?

Inteltec can propose innovative solutions for the different segments of telecommunication; by being involved in turn-key solution projects of wireline, wireless networks, satellite networks or telecom infrastructure of multi-utilities including energy transport and distribution.
The complete package offered by Inteltec to customers covers the whole cycle of the operating steps that characterize the realization of networks and systems; from planning and design to construction, procurement, supply of materials and equipment, final testing and commissioning up to the start up.
Besides, Inteltec supplies support systems and organizations to comply with the full cycle of operation and maintenance management.

Fields of activities

This is an example for an image Wireless Networks
We deliver partial or complete turnkey wireless telecom projects or services to licensed operators / service providers and corporate end users, in order to establish or enhance their network infrastructure.

This is an example for an imageSatellite Network
We use the latest satellite and VSAT communication technologies for data, voice and video transmission. The network allows instant, reliable, cost-effective and secure communication anywhere in the region

This is an example for an imageWireline Networks
We propose technological solutions for optical transport networks, fiber optic trunks, metropolitan networks, copper and FTTx networks.

This is an example for an imageIP Networking and Data Centers
Our packaged end-to-end services include engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance. These bring together multi-technologies (such as IP, ATM, FR, Wi-Fi, etc.) with multi-applications environment (such as Datacenters, VoIP, video conferencing, security, managed networking, etc.) into consolidated solutions.

This is an example for an imageLow Voltage Systems and Enterprise Solutions
As an experienced company in the field of Telecommunication and Technology we offer a wide range of low voltage services including CCTV, Safety and Intrusion Systems, Access Control, Road control and Systems for ariport managment

Inteltec can propose innovative solutions for the different segments of telecommunication


What do we offer?

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